Environmental Practices

recycleThe paper companies we deal with harvest trees from tree farms specifically planted, harvested, and replanted to provide an ongoing source of paper pulp.

We recycle all of our scrap paper daily. The offcuts and spoiled sheets are put into our compacter, made into bales and sent to a local recycling center for processing.

We recommend the use of recycled papers when possible.

Our toners cartridges are sent back to the manufacturer for reprocessing.

We use soy-based inks for lithographic printing. Soy ink contains soybean oil, the same oil used in cooking oil. Soy inks emit one-fifth the VOC’s of petroleum-based inks, using less than 1% of the energy needed to produce. It is a renewable resource because it is vegetable based and supports American agriculture. Soy ink is also easier to remove from paper during de-inking, resulting in brighter recycled papers.

We look for ways to reduce our electrical consumption and to minimize the usage of all raw materials.

We encourage “digital” proofing when feasible, to cut down on paper and fuel costs associated with paper proofs.

Link to Green Seal certified products.